Queen Bee

Short digital film – Comedy – 2019 – Color


A feminist comedy showing the evolution of the customs and behavior of female at a bar table, through the story of two women. One is in her 30s, the other is 60, and the meeting, heavily intoxicated, leads to a reflection on the achievements and disagreements of women in Brazil today.

Production credits

Director and Writer: Hamilton Rosa Junior
Producer: Toni Ferreira
DoP: Carlos Garcia e Toni Ferreira.
Editing: Mary Kuhn e Hamilton Rosa Jr.
Cast: Luciane Aranha, Inês Fabiana, Ramiro Lopes, Cláudia Menezes, Lucas Lima, Sebastião Polaco. 
Special guests Kha Machado, Ieda Cruz, Paulo Branco. 
Produced by: Rush Vídeo.

Director’s Statement

Queen Bee is a feminist bar comedy. Have you ever seen how the landscape
at the bars changed? Thirty years ago we didn’t see such a large group of
friends, having fun and getting drunk at a bar. This certainly represents a kind of
breakthrough Social.

Then, on one of my trips I witnessed an unusual scene: a lady, about 60 years old,
enjoying this silent and alone freedom. She looked at a group of girls with pride,
satisfaction. That image haunted me for days. I would have liked to go back
there to talk to her. Of course, I came back, and I never found her again. But it
served as a trigger to write about it. And the script was ready in one afternoon “.

Hamilton Rosa Jr.